10 Beautiful Actresses Join Star Trek Via HD Photo Manipulations

Star Trek Actress

Star Trek’s fan base is not as huge as Star Wars or Marvel/DC comics, but the number of expansion works that Star Trek followers have done is far more superior than any other franchise. There are quite a many active communities, forums and unofficial shows where the participation level of the fans is incredibly high. One such Roleplaying Forum based game name Star Trek Theurgy is gaining momentum at a remarkable rate. The best part of this community is various avatars that players get, and these avatars feature the most beautiful and talented women from the Hollywood depicted in a very Star Trek way! Here are the best avatar shots that feature the famous actresses from Hollywood in their Star Trek look ->

1. Hilary Duff


2. Morena Baccarin

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  1. Why can’t Star Trek be less about “hot actresses” and more about the possible future of humanity? It angers me that it’s soon going to turn into a rated R show that people only watch to see the sex and violence. It is saddening that it can’t be a show about the great things humanity can become