10 Marvel Mistakes That Slipped Past You.

3. The Avengers: Captain America’s Missing Injury

We know Captain America is a tough man after the government stacked him with super-soldier serum. However, to the extent we know, his costume isn’t made of any self-recuperating fabric. Amid the climactic skirmish of The Avengers, he has an enormous laser blast to the left side of his midsection. While the damage and injury to his uniform stay for a little time, they’re mystically gone by the last scene.


4. The Amazing Spider-Man 2: That’s An Astounding Backpack

Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) clearly has a ton of stuff to manage. Therefore, he can’t be expected to recognize what’s happening with his accessories at every moment. After making it to Gwen Stacy’s graduation ceremony in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, his backpack repeatedly bounced from one shoulder to both.



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