10 Real-Life Star Wars Locations.

8. Ksar Hadada, Tunisia (The Phantom Menace)
We’re almost certain nobody’s ever accepted The Phantom Menace was their most loved Star Wars films. However, there’s no denying that there were some shocking shooting areas decided for the piece. The extraordinary looking slave quarters of MosEspa were genuine, and they’re in southern Tunisia. KsarHadada (at times KsarHedada), is a hot and rather desolate town even today. It has, to some degree, been rejuvenated by the foundation of an inn and tourism that comes in expensive part beyond words Star Wars fans.



7. Forest of Dean, England (The Force Awakens)
The most epic forest scenes from The Force Awakens were shot in a piece of England’s Forest of Dean, which is called Puzzlewood. This features the part where KyloRen wields a lightsaber. The entire thing was encompassed by a noteworthy mist of mystery. However, the forest isn’t a stranger to mysteries. As it is, parts of Doctor Who and Harry Potter were shot here too.


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