10 Reasons Why “Star Trek Beyond” Is Superior To “Into Darkness”

8. A Greater Twist

Like Star Trek Into Darkness, Beyond additionally includes a third act rotating around the film’s villain. The Difference is that Beyond’s twist is really fulfilling. As specified, every viewer with a basic comprehension of Star Trek legend appropriately anticipated that Benedict Cumberbatch’s rebel Starfleet agent John Harrison was really Khan Noonien Singh. Interestingly, while you may see Beyond’s huge twist coming, it’s still substantially more fulfilling. The twist really changes the flow of the film’s plot direction definitively, unlike the “Hey, look who it is!” revelation of Into Darkness that truly didn’t add anything significant to the procedures.


7. Jaylah Is An Awesome Addition

In spite of the fact that Star Trek Beyond still lacks in the department of female character, it introduces an entirely new one as an alien forager Jaylah. She was played by Sofia Boutella of Kingsman: The Secret Service acclaim. Jaylah is instantly liked because of her battling skills and real interest in the Enterprise crew’s lifestyle. Interestingly, Into Darkness’ most noteworthy new female character, Alice Eve’s Dr. Tune Marcus, was utilized basically as an eye candy, something that is unexpectedly fortified in Beyond. Eve isn’t a piece of the cast and her character is not even once mentioned by any individual from the Enterprise crew. This is in spite of the way that she set off with them on their five year mission towards the end of Into Darkness. We hope Jaylah doesn’t share the same destiny since she certainly should be in the next film.


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