10 Reasons Why the ‘Star Wars’ Prequels Were Awful.

8. Boba the Clone

Boba Fett persevered as one of Star Wars’ most darling characters ever since his first appearance in the TV broadcast of the 1978 Christmas special. The character’s major appeal was what we didn’t know about him. That mask, that once in a while utilized voice, and his purpose made us wonder who this person really is.

Who might have speculated the answer? Is it accurate to say that this was a clone of another bounty hunter who served as the genetic template for the mass-produced troopers that would inevitably get to be Imperial stormtroopers? Did showing Fett to be a ten-year-old kid in Attack of the Clones enhance the character’s enigma or dampen it? The answer is obvious.


7. The Sith That Weren’t There

It’s said that film is the art of showcasing, not telling. Interpretive discourse letting us know that a character is brilliant, startling, apprehensive, or whatever the case might be, is far less powerful than the visual depiction of a character displaying those attributes.

For the Sith, their wickedness took an emotional visual structure in the form of Darth Vader. We didn’t simply find out about what an awful person Vader was, we actually saw it. We looked as he attacked rebel bases, tormented a princess, and savagely killed inept subordinates.

By contrast, the Sith in the prequel trilogy prowl generally concealed and for the most part talked about. We scarcely get the chance to see what a rebel Darth Maul is before he’s chopped down in The Phantom Menace. We continue in Attack of the Clones, recounting Count Dooku’s charming background and ability, however see little of it in real life.

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