10 Reasons Why the ‘Star Wars’ Prequels Were Awful.


This is a list of reasons against George Lucas’ Star Wars prequel trilogy which I find awful.Here are the main 10 reasons the Star Wars prequels sucked:

10. Gleaming New Galaxy

One of the stark differences between the original trilogy and the prequels lies in the general aesthetic connected to props, costumes, ships and architecture. In the originals, everything was roughened up. Everything added up to a “used universe” look. This separated Star Wars from a significant part of the sci-fi which preceded it. In this manner, Lucas’ tasteful decisions in those first movies gave them a specific realness.

On the other hand, the prequels were immaculate. Everything ranging right from Naboo’s brave starfighters to Coruscant’s famous skyline was brilliant and sparkling. Indeed, even sandy Tatooine appeared cleaner.


9. Everything Digital

When Jurassic Park hit theaters in 1993, it demonstrated without question that PCs could produce graphics so exact that movie producers would consequently be enabled to make anything they could envision. The years that followed saw overwhelming accentuation on the new methodology.

With the exception of James Cameron’s Avatar, there is no greater example of computer graphics going wilder than the Star Wars prequels. The issue is, the entire world knows it is fake. Therefore, it doesn’t make a difference how great it looks.


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