10 Scrapped Scenes From The Walking Dead You Must Watch!

8. Sophia, Where Are You?

Sophia’s vanishing was one of the primary, most deplorable progressing storylines in the series. It demonstrated that the authors weren’t reluctant to break the records of what is worthy to appear on TV. This further opened the viewers up to a whole new level of stunning shots.
Sophia, the little zombie, rising out of Hershel’s barn was totally awful. However, it was abnormally tranquil to see Carol get some cessation. Earlier on, you could see the gang couldn’t adapt to her vanishing. Hats off to Melissa McBride and Andrew Lincoln for this scene, which I believe was too great to scrap.


7. A Close Call For Otis

The death of Otis was another early sign that The Walking Dead was willing to tread where most zombie B-motion pictures essentially don’t have sufficient energy to plunge into. Shane and the Greene family farmstead hand Otis were both harmed and sought a break from the crowds of walkers. Shane understood the only option for both of them to survive would be to utilize his final bullet on Otis’ leg. That meant getting rid of him to spare his own particular life.
It was a dim, dull choice, with Carl’s life in a precarious situation as well. The scene demonstrates Shane disregarding the obligation to Otis, and the ranch hand settling on decisions that would spare them both. It makes Shane’s defining moment appear even crueller. Dear Otis.