10 Star Wars Villains That You’ve Never Heard Of Before.

3. Joruus C’baoth

Joruus C’baoth was one of the foes presented as a feature of Timothy Zahn’s initial trilogy of Star Wars books. These books kick-started the interconnected and semi-canonical Star Wars Expanded Universe. The weight was on Zahn to reproduce the cherished characters from the films while likewise including one of a kind villains and C’baoth unquestionably fit the bill.
C’baoth is thought to be a Dark Jedi that the Emperor was utilizing to watch over a massive storage of savage Imperial gadgets. He is recruited by Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn who utilizes C’baoth as a psychological warfare against the New Republic. For example, Thrawn put shrouding gadgets on littler ships and utilized C’baoth to organize them. In Zahn’s books, shrouding was never utilized since it blinded the shrouded ship to anything going on outside. In any case, with the knowledge of a Dark Jedi, Thrawn could park a shrouded ship inside a planetary shield and make it seem as though his Star Destroyer could fire directly through the shield, bringing about whole planets to surrender to the Empire. This gives C’baoth a desire for power, and soon he’s mind-controlling whole Star Destroyer teams to his will and reworking brains all over. It’s later uncovered that he’s an insane clone of the first C’baoth, and he clones a duplicate of Luke so the young Jedi Master can battle himself. Clearly, even insane and insidiousness Jedi appreciate the mirror matches of Mortal Kombat.


4. Darth Nihilus

Darth Nihilius is another miscreant that comes from the Knights of the Old Republic games. He shows up in the sequel. Bioware was are that Darth Revan and Darth Malak had raised the bars for Star Wars villains, so they chose to up their game and make a trio of Sith terrible folks for the sequel. Nihilus was one of these Dark Lords of the Sith. Apart from having the typical red lightsaber and Sith powers, he had the capacity to feed on the living Force in other individuals. This power made Nihilus a startling villain. The capacity to feast upon the Force sounds somewhat unique. However, Obi-Wan reminded audience that the Force is made by and moves through every living thing. In his lifetime, Nihilus could oppress and drain the life out of innumerable people. In the long run, he turned into a risk to whole universes, including Katarr. He drained the life out of each living thing on that planet with the exception of one lady whom he transformed into his slave. When you consider it, Nihilus could accomplish what it took Vader and the Emperor different Death Stars to do.

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