12 Actors Would Have Been A Perfect Fit If Episode VII Was Made In 1970’s.


Had the ‘Force Awakened’ in 1970…

Fasten your seat-belts and fantasy helmets! We are gonna travel through time and see how George Lucas would have opted ‘The Force Awakens’ cast had it produced in the 1970’s, instead of or in parallel with the original ‘Star Wars:A New Hope.’ How would it look like had the force awakened in the 70s with some of the veteran actors who rocked the best half of the Golden Age of Hollywood!

1. Cybill Shepherd Performing Rey

Since the character of Rey is a crucial one all through the film, and a considerable part of the plot is of critical importance with regard to this character, we came up with Cybill Shepherd at 26 years as someone who would do justice to this character from the 70s. Having been much-admired for her performance in The Last Picture Show and The Heartbreak Kid, Cybill we suggest that will be the perfect fit. Her modeling career which was equally adored at the time would compliment no less to this choice along with the fact that she was nominated for the Golden Globe award for her outstanding performance in The Last Picture Show.


2. Jeremy Irons Performing KyloRen

Considering Jeremy’s epic career history performing as a villain, we suppose that he would be the best choice to perform the character of KyloRen. Jeremy’s much-appraised eyes for their determined, explosive sparkle is yet another commendation that triggered our choice.


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