12 Star Trek Films And Series That Were Nearly Made.

10. Assignment Earth – The Continuing Missions Of Gary Seven

The finale of season two of Star Trek saw the USS Enterprise make a trip back to 1968 on a historical mission. There they came across the Gary Seven, a human who could transport himself on board up the Enterprise and showed no signs of surprise at the presence of a star ship circling the planet. Gary Seven was a time agent who had been sent back to find out other missing time agents. When the Enterprise came back to its own time, Gary Seven stayed behind to help planet Earth secretly.

Gary Seven, played by Robert Lansing, was to proceed in a spin-off that would highlight him attempting to help mankind. Star Trek at the verge cancellation – it wouldn’t last past season three. However, regardless of the endeavours of Roddenberry he couldn’t pull this show or save Star Trek.

10 - Gary Seven

9. Vulcan – The Further Adventures Of Spock

Leonard Nimoy’s Spock was greatly famous with viewers and Paramount had a yearning to expand on that accomplishment after Star Trek’s cancellation. They thought of a show set on Vulcan with Spock coming back to the planet to be with his own people. It would have had an altogether different feel to Star Trek. However, it is difficult to envision that it would have been successful. As it is, a cast of aliens without any feelings would have made it troublesome for the show to have any feelings of dramatization.

9 - The Vulcan Adventures


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