12 Things Disney Wants You To Overlook About Star Wars.

10. The Clone Wars Movie

After purchasing Lucas film, Disney didn’t squander time in ruining the greater part of the past stories so their new runs on comics, books, games and, obviously, motion pictures could proceed unobstructed for many years. Disney have been extremely bashful about the status of The Clone Wars film, a pilot for the series puffed up to full length and released by Warner Bros. in 2008. It’s not an official Star Wars motion picture in any of their public statements. This implies that, while the occasions show that it happened, they’d rather it wasn’t in a feature form. This is unquestionably a move to guarantee that Rogue One and the other spin offs and that the sub-brand isn’t spoilt by that not great -step. That’s smart Disney.


9. The Happy Ending Of Jedi

Since Lucas wasn’t in the mood to make any more Star Wars when he got to the third film, he ended Return Of The Jedi on an extremely pleasantly peppy note; the Rebellion destroys the Empire, Anakin is redeemed and Han bangs Luke’s sister.  It also included the scene where Palpatine statues are torn down in Coruscant. Prior to the film being hit, Disney began changing things. As it is, the primary post-Jedi book in the new canon, highlighted a scene that disclosed those Special Edition festivities on Corus cant were destroyed by the remaining Stormtroopers, in Potemkin style.



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