12 Things Disney Wants You To Overlook About Star Wars.

8. The Death Of Chewbacca

The Vector Prime was the book that killed Chewbacca. Yes, they killed him. The book was at that point a significant event- hitting in the months taking after The Phantom Menace. It denoted the beginning of the New Jedi Order series, which recounted YuuzhanVong’s intrusion .The Vong sent a moon colliding with a planet and while he could save a number of the inhabitants and Anakin Solo, Chewie went down in the flames.It was so huge, that since Disney made it non-canon which they’ve not discussed.


7. C-3PO’s Silver Leg

J.J. Abrams gave C-3PO a great red arm in The Force Awakens. Fine. But it wasn’t fine, since Disney made a huge deal out of it, burning through six months bringing up a one-shot comic that would clarify it all, with the inevitable answer basically being he lost it and it was supplanted by another droid’s. Stunner.



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