12 Things Disney Wants You To Overlook About Star Wars.


George Lucas never shied far from overwriting the past of Star Wars. However, things don’t stop with the creator. Ever since Disney has assumed control over the franchise, they’ve done what it takes to make viewers overlook key things, either proceeding with Lucas’ revisionism or concealing facts that don’t ring true to them. Here are 12 things the Disney wants you to disregard in the Star Wars Universe.

12. George Lucas Wrote A Star Wars 7

A major part in at first legitimizing Episode VII was indicating that the purchase included George Lucas’ stories for Episodes VII, VIII and IX. This implied that whatever happened was played into the first plan. Later on, the plans were simply dropped. Possibly Lucas’ vision was pathetic or maybe Disney understood his name didn’t carry the weight it did back in 1999.


11. The Death Star Is In The Prequels

If we go by chronology, the Death Star was first found in Attack Of The Clones as Geonosian and before the end of Revenge Of The Sith it was being built. That has made something of a plot gap – why did it take nineteen years to assemble the first when a second could be completed in three?

The principal turn off under Disney is that it is sensationalizing the opening crawl of A New Hope. It gives details about the Rebellion’s finding of the Death Star. Question is, how are they just barely getting some answers concerning it now, considering what looks like weeks before the initial film?



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