5 Unexpected Superheroes Who Lifted Thor’s Hammer (Mjolnir)

3) Captain America

Well, Captain America is an epitome of humanity and ethics. He is a worthy candidate to use Thor’s hammer. He has picked Thor’s hammer on many occasions in the comics. However in the Marvel cinematic universe, he fails to pick up the Hammer, but the hammer moved a bit when he tried to lift it. Fans are still not sure, why Captain was not able to pick Thor’s hammer while he has wielded the Mjolnir many times in comic books, and what does the slight movement of jolnir signify when cap attempted to use it?


2) Superman

During a Crossover series between DC and Marvel, we’ve seen Superman picking up Thor’s hammer, and used it against a mutual enemy! It was later revealed that the Enchantments around the Hammer was removed for a brief period by Odin himself so that Superman can wield it. This also proves that Supermans is not actually worthy of wielding Thor’s hammer because later he couldn’t even move it an inch. This crossover story in the comic book universe is a canon!