6 Reasons 2016 Will DESTROY Superhero Movie Universe For Good.


Comic book films are here to stay, that’s for sure. With that said, it’s a great opportunity to go on record and say that 2016 will be a really noteworthy year for comic book film boom. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true; the god-like superhero motion picture is set out towards a lofty drop-off in just about a year or so from today.
Regardless of motion picture studios putting all the cash on the planet into making an interminable string of interconnected motion pictures with far reaching universes and a cast of characters, we’ve little time left before things go out of hand. That doesn’t mean everything released from 2017 ahead will be forgettable junk that nobody cares about, yet you better trust that they’re not going to be as effective as motion picture studios are presently putting money on. Read on to know why;

6. Too Much Of Superhero Syndrome

Would you believe it if I told you that there have been no less than 8 billion comic book motion pictures released in the course of the most recent ten years?Of those, 99.99999999% of them have been out-dated superhero shows. Without a doubt, there were two or three wannabes hurled in with the general mish-mash, yet one needs to think about whether Hollywood are thrusting comic books in very little space. I mean movies can be about things and individuals that aren’t superhuman.
A History of Violence was a comic book motion picture; American Splendour was a comic book film; Wristcutters: A Love Story was a comic book motion picture. There is truly a ton of comic book properties holding up to be produced into full-length movies, yet so far the main ones despite everything is about included uncommon people in spandex. That’s bad.



5. Over Planning Movie Studios

This is the issue with posting a set release plan for all the world to see (and reprimand). Expectations are fuelled, to some extent since film studios seem to say “Hey, don’t stress over your comic book fix. We have you all secured for the whole deal.”
But is that the case? The issue with arranging out your suppers for the following eight months is that when you’ve completed, it’s time for the present supper time!Imagine, you’ve been pondering what you’re going to eat in April that there’s presently nothing on the table. See, it’s extraordinary to have a five-year plan laid out, yet there must be some adaptability in that, or else any minor changes in year two will wind up thoroughly botching your objective. Furthermore, with the way studios are hustling through properties and releasing courses of events, it appears to be completely conceivable that they’ve looked to a long ahead instead of focussing on what’s directly before them.


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