6 Reasons The Jedi May Be Villains In A “Star Wars” Movie.


After the First Great Schism reached an end, and the last twelve ‘Dark Jedi’ surrendered, open interest for their execution ran high. Even the lenient ambassadors, the Jedi spared the lives of their fallen brethren and their followers.

They then stripped their previous allies of their weapons and armor, boarded them onto unarmed transport ships, and sent them into Unknown Space. It’s difficult to say what the Jedi planned would happen to the Exiles. However, when the powerless detainees found the race of red-skinned Sith on the planet Korriban, they did what Jedi do. That is, they shared their convictions and technology and established the base of another empire.
So once the Sith had developed as an appropriate armed force for their Dark Jedi pioneers who were now Sith Lords, the fantastically named Great Hyperspace War started. The Sith eventually capitulated to infighting, and the Republic and Jedi were victorious. Obviously, their actions 1,900 years prior hadn’t worked: the Dark Jedi had survived, and now controlled over a formerly obscure race of Force-sensitive humanoids.
Republic Chancellor Pultimo looked upon an adversary that no more was a risk, and commanded the Jedi and Republic forces to attack Sith Space and demolish any remaining parts of the empire and its people. This came to be known as the Sith Holocaust. It eventually fizzled, leaving the survivors to take asylum on DromundKaas. From here they would remake their empire and not rest until they had their vengeance on the individuals who had attempted to eradicate them.


The Clone Wars all began with the death of a Financial Reform charge. This portion gets polished in the pre-Jedi movies giving the idea that the Separatists were villains. In all actuality: the industrially powerful systems of the universe were simply after the evacuation of corruption in the Senate and government deregulation for the sake of free enterprise development. Those desires could be thrown in an avaricious or antidemocratic light, but on the other hand, they’re the goals that formed the creation of the western world. At the end of the day, they were not characteristically malicious.
The tax collection and corruption of the Senate pushed the bigger companies not to revolt, but rather introduce financial reform to ensure their interests. Prior to the voting, the Senator speaking to the Commonality of trade planets was killed by a paid off Senate guard. The individuals who sent the professional killer got their wish and the vote was scratched off.
Naturally, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The Commonality severed from the degenerate body and framed the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Political developments are generally greater than they’re made out to be their rivals. Therefore, while the movies delineated the group as a table brimming with despicable characters, the Separatist Confederacy was comprised of more than eight galactic governments, many Republic Senators, and spanned more than 10,000 star systems. The Jedi and Republic didn’t even formally acknowledge the group’s presence. Instead, they chose to protect the degenerate government. Furthermore, instead of addressing the Separatist concerns, they essentially wiped them out.

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