7 Biggest “Star Trek” Myths Demystified.

5. Martin Cooper, the Inventor of the Cellphone Was Not Inspired by Captain Kirks Communicator

You’ve heard this many times: the innovator of the cell phone (Martin Cooper) was inspired by the communicator in the classic Star Trek. In fact, in 2009, Martin Cooper even took an interest in a narrative called “How William Shatner Changed the World.” In this, he supported the idea that he was inspired to make the PDA in light of Star Trek. However, in 2015, in an interview with Scene World, Cooper abnegated this idea. It wasn’t Star Trek that motivated the creation of a convenient telephone, but rather, Dick Tracy!

“I got so wrapped up in the glamor of making a movie, that I let them start that rumor,” Cooper said. He makes it clear that in all the years he’d worked for Motorola that there had always been an desire to make communication happen with a “handheld device,” and if there was any pop-culture inspiration for him, it wasn’t Star Trek but instead was “…maybe from Dick Tracy who many years before [Star Trek] had a wrist radio.”


4. Star Trek Probably Did Not Have the First Interracial Kiss On TV

This is a major one! Star Trek is regularly touted for its superb diverse racial qualities in a period when American TV was distinctly white-washed. Numerous have complimented the show for portraying the initial interracial kiss. The episode that was the genuinely humiliating was the third season’s “Plato’s Stepchildren.” In it, Captain Kirk and Uhura are compelled to kiss by not-very-nice alien gods. This kiss is neither attractive nor romantic. In fact, it’s portrayed as something they two of them are compelled to do!

Still, was it the principal interracial kiss on TV? If you observe any special on the Star Trek the answer will be yes. In any case, shouldn’t something be said about the Ricky kissing Lucy on I Love Lucy? As it is, two British creations completely beat Star Trek to this; the 1962 production of You In a Small Corner and the 1964 telecast of the soap opera Emergency Ward 10. Alright both of those cases are not on American TV, but I Love Lucy surely was! Also, Lucille Ball’s company, Desilu Studios, bankrolled Star Trek for its initial two seasons!


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