7 Things DC Comic Wants You To Forget About Joker

5. Had A (Different) Daughter Once

Duela Dent showed up in an altogether different incarnation in the New 52. At present, she is a crazy young lady who lives in the sewers and loves the Joker to such an extent, that she makes a deal with the Dollmaker to have the missing reprobate’s shorn face sewn on her own. This is pretty peculiar. Much like the Joker himself, Duela Dent, or Duela Dent Napier Nigma, as she was called in those days, was significantly more innocent some time ago.
Initially, she claimed to be related to Catwoman, the Scarecrow, the Riddler and the Penguin. After her underlying fight with Robin, he concluded she was really the kin of Harvey Dent, better known as Two-Face. In any case, that was after she’d assaulted both Robin and Batgirl while dressed as her varied claimed parents, including The Joker.
In the end, she wound up joining the Teen Titans. Well, sort of. This was despite the fact that they never entirely trusted her. Furthermore, her first appearance wasn’t with a mouldy old face she had weaved into her skull, but a lipstick gun that pelted kisses at Dick Grayson.


4. He Has A Back Story

The origin story of the Joker flashes back to the beginnings of the villain’s criminal profession, when he was a debilitated stand-up comic who depended on participating in a heist with a goal to support himself and his pregnant spouse.
In The Killing Joke, the heist turns out badly, and Batman accidentally makes comic to fall into a vat of acid. That, and the news that his wife and unborn kid have died, are sufficient to make him break and turn into the crazy awful person we know today.
From that point forward, DC has been hot and frosty on whether that origin story is canon. It’s likewise debatable whether The Joker even has a genuine name, with a few delineations pinching the Jack Napier moniker from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film.

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