7 Things That Could Make Rogue One of The Most Awesome Star Wars Movie…


That film is Star Wars: Rogue One, a “heist” film that will rotate around a gang of Rebel troopers. They are tasked with taking the blueprints of the Empire’s planet destroyingDeathstar. The cast of characters are all new.Seewho’s in it: You have Felicity Jones as the pioneer of “things,” Forest Whitaker wearing the ‘Woods Whitaker Eye,’ Donnie Yen, Alan Tudyk, Diego Luna, Wen Jiang, JohnathanAris, MadsMikkelsen as ‘Hannibal the Fannibal,’ and Ben Mendelsohn as ‘That Guy Killed by Bane.’
Yet, what precisely are the reasonsfor this film turning out to be genuinely eminent? Read on to see what we have gathered;

7. Stunning Female Lead

It’s awesome that the Star Wars film universe is turning out to be so diverse. With Rogue One we’ll see a film lead by a lady. Yup, it’s Felicity Jones I’m talking about.
It will be awesome to see what her character stands for. A few reports guarantee that she’ll be the little girl of one BobaFett. On the off chance that that is the situation, it could make an extraordinary account for the journalists to investigate. She can either side by her dad and turn on her group and the Rebel cause, or remain against him. Wow!



6. An All New Story

Rogue One is an inventive idea for a Star Wars film. A heist film set in the Star Wars universe sounds bonkers from the start. That is as fascinating an idea as Ant-Man was for the Marvel Universe. Furthermore, with the news that Darth Vader will show up in Rogue One, what more would you want?
We do know that in Star Wars: A New Hope the Deathstar was crushed by Luke Skywalker when he used blueprints for the metal behemoth.It’ll be cool to see that all included in Rogue One. Who knows, perhaps toward the end of the film we might see Luke getting his boat prepared to take off and obliterate the Deathstar, which would THEN tie-into the space battle from A New Hope. Cool, eh?


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