8 Characters Of The Walking Dead And What They Should’ve Looked Like!

3. The Governor

One of the greatest changes on the TV series is veteran performing artist David Morrissey’s portrayal of the Governor all through seasons three and four of The Walking Dead. Putting aside storyline changes, Morrissey’s Governor doesn’t brandish that slight, handlebar mustache, which is an indication as to how detestable he may be. All the more significantly, the Governor’s eye injury, because of Michonne in both versions, happens on the opposite sides of his face. In the wake of the Governor’s mercilessness in the source material, Michonnebreaks free and torments him in return. She castrates him, takes out his eye with a spoon, and hacks off his right arm. While this clearly didn’t happen on TV, we hope that some of Michonne’s fury is put aside for Negan in future scenes.


4. Carl Grimes

Carl needed to develop rapidly to adjust to his zombie-filled environment. However, Chandler Riggs has made a spot-on performance playing Rick’s kid. Carl loses the same eye on the show that he lost in the comics. However, it’s because of a different shooter. While Carl sports his father’s agent cap through both versions, he gives up his cap and eyepatch for a couple of dark lensed sunglasses. This symbolizes Carl’s inward clash, as he sporadically shows a darker, irate side that prompts some extremely brash choices. We’re interested to see what happens to Rick’s cycloptic child as he goes into adulthood.


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