8 Issues With MCU That Doctor Strange Doesn’t Amend

6. Elucidating Where The Other Characters Are

A studio that makes an attempt to build a cohesive cinematic universe is actually cornering themselves, by being trapped through the real-world logistics like contract agreements and salaries.
In the third act of Doctor Strange, this predicament reared its head, once more. As it is, with Hong Kong coming under a trippy, ominous, multi-coloured portal in the sky, there’s no way that not one Avenger took a bit of interest. Neither a single SHIELD agent nor any of “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” were present when the Earth was in very real danger.
Doctor Strange was competent to rewind time and reverse the damage. However, when that harm was once initially being precipitated not one single person got here to help?


5. Misplaced, Unwarranted Humour

Marvel’s known for being rather mild and family-friendly. Regardless of the studio getting plenty of criticism for it, there’s nothing wrong with this procedure. Any style of tone can work pretty well if utilized with self-belief. Nevertheless it’s when it is applied with overconfidence that it turns into a dilemma. Doctor Strange is the excellent example. Even when a scene was meant to be dramatic and serious, there were jokes during the battle scenes between Doctor Strange and Kaecilius.
It is disappointing, considering Marvel have demonstrated their capability to ably balance tone earlier on. Guardians Of The Galaxy is a perfect example of that. That film knew when to have fun, and knew when to shut up. Although some of the humour in Doctor Strange did work, like the Wi-Fi password line felt natural and organic. However, other parts, like the cape yanking strange far from the axe, felt enforced.

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