8 Issues With MCU That Doctor Strange Doesn’t Amend

4. Off-colour Serviced Female Love Interests

Despite being one of the most well-known entertainment corporations on earth, Marvel generally comes beneath fire for their obvious lack of diversity. As it is, there is not a single female-led or non-white-led film amongst their present crop of 14. It is the females that suffer most within the studio’s testosterone-fuelled moviemaking efforts.
Furthermore, Doctor Strange didn’t change things on this front. As it is, Rachel McAdams’ Christine Palmer wasn’t really given much of an arc, and had nothing to do apart from attending to the Doctor’s every beck and call.
Palmer follows suit within the underdeveloped footsteps of Pepper Potts and Jane Foster, who initially were quite promising. However they have been wholly abandoned after that. There is Sharon Carter in Civil War, who existed simply to offer Cap a superficial motivational speech and a kiss. Then there was Betty Ross in Hulk, whose only job used to be to pine after Edward Norton and his green alter-ego.


3. Each Hero Appears Like Tony Stark

Probably the most casual of film fans would be capable to identify a few striking similarities between Stephen strange and Tony Stark. However, the fact that the Sorcerer Supreme shares visible characteristics and character qualities with all people’s second-favourite billionaire playboy superhero is honestly, very boring.
Doctor’s origin story and Stark’s foundation story is mirrored by means of Thor, and to quite an extent, Ant-Man. He lacks the wealth but commits numerous crimes on his way to becoming the daddy his daughter desperately wishes for.
Given how Marvel has been copying and duplicating the same type of hero into one-of-a-kind movies, there’s a danger they could annoy their audience.

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