8 Most Deadly Weapons In Star Wars.

3. Eclipse-Class Super Star Destroyer

The Eclipse Star Destroyer had a canon that equaled the power of the Deathstar. It was basically used to destroy other capital ships and space stations. Furthermore, it had the capacity to blow through a planet’s shields and obliterate it. The Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer could also destroy other Super Star Destroyers effortlessly.


4. World Devastator

Despite being debatable if the World Devastators were deadlier than the Death Star, they were without a doubt more efficient. The Death Star could just destroy universes, while the World Devastators could utilize a targeted world’s material assets for the Empire’s advantage. A Devastator’s essential strategy was to land on the surface of a planet. There, its powerful tractor bar projectors would destroy the planet underneath it, consequently making them “planet killers.”


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