8 Star Wars Mysteries Which Were Better Left Unexplained.

6) What’s Emperor Palpatine’s Actual Name?

“Emperor Palpatine” is an awesome name. It’s certainly better than “Darth Sidious.” However, Disney’s canon, which featured James Luceno’s extraordinary book Tarkin, created a sensation by revealing the Emperor’s first name. This interestingly was Sheev Palpatine.

This preposterously senseless name robs Palpatine of being a threat. Truly, you need to watch Return of the Jedi and try calling him “Sheev” after that. In all probability, you will be destroyed forever.


5) C-3PO Having A Red Arm In The Force Awakens? Why?

Marvel recently clarified in a C-3PO comic why the droid had one red arm in The Force Awakens and it wasn’t all that awful. It was, in fact, rather touching. It investigated the idea of droid memory and the way these automated characters are dealt with in the universe. In any case, it’s still a comic that is extravagantly clarifying why this character had a red arm. The reason is,he got it from a red droid that died while protecting him.  That is decent, yet it’s not important. Actually, the red arm itself is inconsequential. Even The Force Awakens abandoned the arm by the end and gave Threepio his old one back during the climax. If the film was so unbothered about the arm, why should we bother at all?



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