8 Star Wars Mysteries Which Were Better Left Unexplained.


The old Star Wars Expanded Universe’s most defining trait was its capacity to cast a light on the darkest corners of the galaxy far, far away, fleshing out the universe of the films. At times it did this brilliantly, while at others it got somewhat senseless. Here are eight Star Wars riddles the EU explained that should’ve been actually left unexplained…

8) Where’s Darth Vader After A New Hope?

There’s something splendidly ridiculous about Darth Vader sitting in his TIE Fighter out there in space, until somebody picks him from there. However, Dark Horse’s Empire comic series showed Darth Vader crash-landing on a planet nearby. What’s more, Vader became the pioneer of a pack of alien hyenas. Now that’s weird. In the wake of getting to be a leader, Vader finds an Imperial station on the planet, leaves his hyena pals to kill a group and dashes off into space once more.

Coincidentally, in A New Hope, you really see Vader fixing his TIE Fighter and flying off regularly towards the end of the film. He could be going to the nearest Imperial ship where he could deliver the terrible news about the Death Star to the Emperor. It truly doesn’t warrant its own epic experience.


7) How Was The Rebel Alliance Paid?

Star Wars fans are exhausted by the manner in which money works in the galaxy. Take a look at the Trade Federation cast over the prequels to understand what I am saying. In any case, the topic of exactly how the Rebellion really afforded the supplies and equipment for its operations has enthralled people for a long time.

However, every time the Expanded Universe attempted to cover it, it was horribly exhausting. The most scandalous of these stories is “The Third Law,” a story told in Marvel’s Star Wars #48. This was actually about Princess Leia taking up a space loan and Darth Vader attempting to prevent it from happening.



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