9 Trivial Characters And Their Stories In Star Wars: The Force Awakens!


In the ancient Expanded Universe, each minor character in each scene had an intricate and exciting story to tell, from droids the distance down to the cutthroat little pig folks who worked the solidifying chambers on Bespin. Here are a couple of minor characters and what we think about their off-screen lives on account of the new era of in-progression books, in the background books, activity figure bundles, and the interminable online compositions of committed Star Wars aficionados.

1. Captain PHASMA

It’s not totally clear in The Force Awakens, but rather the secretive Captain Phasma serves under Supreme Leader Snoke on equivalent balance with General Hux and KyloRen. Off camera, Phasma was in charge of amassing and preparing her world class unit, remembering each Stormtrooper’s qualities, shortcomings, and serial numbers. Remarkably, her intelligent defensive layer is really covered by the remaining parts of Palpatine’s old boat, demonstrating that Starkiller Base had more than one miscreant who preferred relics of dead Sith. Possibly Hux has Governor Tarkin’s consumed undies on under his officer duds, as well. Additionally, Phasma will be returning in Episode VIII, so she didn’t really kick the bucket in that waste compactor




This bespectacled bootlegger is clearly old, however Star Wars legend says that she’s no less than a thousand years of age. That makes her the most seasoned known living figure in the universe, beside potentially Snoke, and that is vital. She’s viewed the Empire rise and fall, and knows the mysteries of the antiquated Jedi. While she’s not a Jedi herself, she has faith in the battle against the Dark Side, and she’s likewise touchy to the Force, which she’d clearly used to find the famous Skywalker lightsaber, probably so another Chosen One would in the long run be attracted to it the capacity unit at her stronghold.


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