Diesel’s comment on facebook suggests his skepticism

Diesel’s comment on facebook suggests his skepticism over using Computer Generated Brain O’ Conner-Diesel says-“With our new ambitious VFX team, the whole cast and crew has had to adjust to this awkward and uncomfortable process of pixels over people. Aside from the obvious strains it places on the director, the challenge is not to allow it to compromise what makes the character so special”.
This post from Diesel has caused the outbreak of rumors all around the Hollywood and the internet with people and fans of Paul Walker expressing them more negative than positive.

But Universal Studios and WETA Digital (lord of the rings fame) have decided they are not going to think much about the finances with movie budget shooting more than 200 million dollars but they want the character to have likeness of Paul walker as much as possible. There are 3 cameras that are being used to capture the scenes with Cody (younger brother of Paul) giving references for eye movement and Caleb’s body motion and mannerism will be used- to recreate CG Brain O’Conner.

FF7Paul walker brother

Universal has taken a brave decision and WETA Digital has a daunting task to recreate Paul for fans eager to see the last performance by the actor.

So what technology Universal & WETA will use? Here is an inside look on the technology available to Hollywood to replace actors as a whole or just a body part like face.
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