Out In Open! 8 Characters Marvel Lifted From DC And Renamed!


It’s a comic around a group of mavericks who have been cast out by society, meeting up and figuring out how to utilize their forces for good while battling for acknowledgment, under the authority of a brainy in a wheelchair. They’re known as The Doom Patrol, and they were published four months before the X-Men even existed. The connivance develops, in light of the fact that in March of 1964, the X-Men were battling the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, while the Doom Patrol was battling The Brotherhood of Evil. The likenesses between the two were strong to the point that Doom Patrol maker Arnold Drake blamed Stan Lee for taking his thoughts. However it’s never been proved. Possibly extraordinary personalities think alike. Possibly.


4. SUPER ADAPTOID (1966) VS. AMAZO (1960)

The thought of an android intended to duplicate the superpowers of a group of heroes was made by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson in 1960. When their Amazo robot goes head to head against the Justice League, he generally kicks their butts for a little while. After six years, Stan Lee thought of a strikingly similar thought, sending a robot adversary with indistinguishable powers taking forces up against the Avengers. In truth, Lee’s Super Adaptoid looks far more amazing thanAmazo. However, that is all because of Jack Kirby’s marvellous workmanship. Sadly, Super-Adaptoid was only six years late to be the original one.

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