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Best Visual Effects Schools In The World

Illusion of visual imagery is called Visual effects & Visual Effects Artists are Wizards of this illusion. They are the masters of actualizing realistic imagery,which are unimaginable to capture in real world. Visual Effects Artists educated and trained from different

Best Visual Effects Schools in India

With Krish and Ra-One scoring a punch on the Indian cinematic screens, there has been a boom of movies filled with Visual Effects and Animation. Hence, the necessity for the high quality VFX has become an integral part of the

CGI Paul walker in Fast & furious 7


Body doubles, Motion capture, Face replacement, CG model of Paul Walker, Do you think Brain O’Connor will look Realistic?

Vin Diesel via a facebook post articulated the difficulties the crew and the actors are facing with absence of Paul Walker.…

Deadly Trio – Photoshop Aftereffects and Cinema4d.


Photoshop-AfterEffects-Cinema4d, when used in conjunction, WHY this trio is considered the most powerful yet easy to use software combo?

Answer: because there makers have put up STRONG INTEGRATION across them. Adobe, makers of Photoshop –Aftereffects and Maxon the company which

Pacific Rim Kaijus VS Godzilla – The VFX Face-off.


STRANGE BEASTS (KAIJU) started reappearing cinematic screens last year with PACIFIC RIM. In 2014 GODZILLA carried the legacy forward.

SOUL-PURPOSE is to understand the ART behind “Concept Creation”, Modeling & animating based on that …