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10 Reasons Why the ‘Star Wars’ Prequels Were Awful.


This is a list of reasons against George Lucas’ Star Wars prequel trilogy which I find awful.Here are the main 10 reasons the Star Wars prequels sucked:

10. Gleaming New Galaxy

One of the stark differences between the original trilogy

Top 8 Extremely Rare Set Pictures From Various Eras of Doctor Who!


Doctor Who has been with us from several decades. It has been one of the most longest running scifi series of all time. There have been countless ups and downs in the history of Doctor Who both in its fictional

Top 6 Doctor Who Movie Spin-Offs That Don’t Feature The Doctor.


Doctor Who is the most popular British TV program ever.

Right from its creation in 1963 to the present day, and comprising of more than 800 scenes, the series is immortal. However, what happens to the Doctor’s friends when they

5 Reasons Why Star Trek: Enterprise Failed And How It Almost Worked.


When Enterprise appeared on UPN in 2001 it was with a confident feeling of progress. Beyond any doubt, Star Trek was in somewhat of a decrease after its failures to release of Voyager. However, Enterprise guaranteed to cure that by

7 Most Tantalizing GiFs Of “Padme Amidala” Beyond The World Of Star Wars!


If you really think Vader was dating a generic chick, you need to recalibrate your thought process because his lady was far from being common. Natalie portman who played the character of Padme in prequels has been extremely vocal about

5 Most Memorable Alien Loves of Captain Kirk.


Which is the most apt description for James Tiberius Kirk? Do we call him the Courageous explorer of the cosmos or the captain of the starship USS Enterprise intergalactic love machine? Well, he is all of that rolled into one.

9 Most Awesome Star Trek Video Games.


Star Trek video games have a tendency to get unfavorable criticism. This is something that doesn’t help when your most recent release is an amazingly awful film that attempted to turn the ‘Star Trek adventure’ into a third-person shooter with

7 Biggest “Star Trek” Myths Demystified.


Star Trek is nearly as incomprehensible as space itself. As it is, there are such a large number of certainties, stories and bizarre goodies to explore. With Star Trek Beyond coming at us and 2016 being the 50th commemoration of

10 Confirmed Cast Of Marvel’s Luke Cage – “A Spinoff That’s Going To Be Awesome”


Luke Cage is going to hit the Netflix screens on the September 30th 2016. The show is a spin-off of Jessica Jones, shares the Marvel’s cinematic universe with other Netflix shows like the “Daredevil” and “Iron Fist”. The timeline of

3 New Cast Members Confirmed for Doctor Who Series 10.



The Doctor Who series 10 production is already in works since this May, and if we do some basic math based on previous data, we calculated that it takes around 9 months to finish the production, therefore we think that