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7 Mind-blowing Models Expose The Seductive Side Of The Sith.


There is something elusive and attractive about the Dark Side. Its shadiness has always lured us to explore the sins of the Darkside in our minds, when we are alone. We all want to be the Jedi in front of

5 Facts About Unreleased Star Trek Movie Where Captain Kirk Fought Jesus!


The dismal truth about Star Trek is that it had Gene Roddenberry, the original creator, stepping away for the series find its second wind. He will always be viewed as the genius who shepherded into existence finest sci-fi franchise ever.

10 Marvel Mistakes That Slipped Past You.


In a world where no one committed errors, there may never be a need for superheroes. However, in this real world, no one is flawless. This includes the men and ladies who make up the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From The

8 Characters Of The Walking Dead And What They Should’ve Looked Like!


AMC’s The Walking Dead has, generally, follows the significant events  of Robert Kirkman’s comic book series of the same name. Not with standing, Kirkman’s comic, which appeared in 2003, it contains an excessive amount of substance for the show

10 Latest Revelation By Bryan Fuller about Star trek 2017 T.V. Show!


Finally we’ve got word on the new Star Trek television series, which is to be aired in January 2017. Production hits the floors this September and Bryan Fuller just let us in on ten major details about the show as

12 Cast Of The Big Bang Theory And How They Looked As Kids.


We’re so used to seeing the cast of “The Big Bang Theory” in their geeky roles. However, now you’ll see what Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, and the group looked like as children!


Cuoco may be the hot young

5 Star Trek Fan Theories That Alter Everything.


The Enterprise’s five-year mission was to explore new universes, to search out new life and to go where no man has ever gone. With that in mind, Star Trek fans have invested decades studying the unpredictable mythology around the first

12 Star Trek Films And Series That Were Nearly Made.


For more than half a century, Star Trek has continued as a franchise. It has faced two cancellations; Star Trek: The Original Series in 1969 and Star Trek: Enterprise in 2005. However, it bounced back. Star Trek’s idea is one

6 Latest Pictures of Kaley Cuoco in Stylish Tank Top and Nike Shorts!


We all know about Kaley’s love for dogs; there is no social media profile of Kaley where she doesn’t have a picture with dogs. The Big Bang Theory star has been very active in saving lives of the stray dogs

8 Star Wars Mysteries Which Were Better Left Unexplained.


The old Star Wars Expanded Universe’s most defining trait was its capacity to cast a light on the darkest corners of the galaxy far, far away, fleshing out the universe of the films. At times it did this brilliantly, while