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6 Latest Pictures of Kaley Cuoco in Stylish Tank Top and Nike Shorts!


We all know about Kaley’s love for dogs; there is no social media profile of Kaley where she doesn’t have a picture with dogs. The Big Bang Theory star has been very active in saving lives of the stray dogs

8 Star Wars Mysteries Which Were Better Left Unexplained.


The old Star Wars Expanded Universe’s most defining trait was its capacity to cast a light on the darkest corners of the galaxy far, far away, fleshing out the universe of the films. At times it did this brilliantly, while

Top 10 Most Dangerous Sith Lords In The History Of Star Wars!


This article focuses on the eternal enemies and adversaries of the Jedi, the Sith. This rundown will feature the ten “best” and most prominent Sith ever. These Sith have been judged on a few parameters like; Force /power, Lightsaber ability,

10 Most Gawky Romances in Star Trek TNG!


If the stereotypical rituals of candlelight dinners, moonlit walks hand in hand, giant sized teddy bears or plain old heart shaped boxes of chocolates doesn’t exactly tug at your heartstrings on a date, then the crew of the Starship Enterprise

11 Ways Batman V Superman Reinvented Batman On Big Screen!


Batman is a man who does not laugh. He is one with nothing but regret – a character who is built on deep sadness and poignancy.  After James Bond, he has become one of the most portrayed icons on the

7 Dazzling Harry Potter Actors With Their Lovers!


When you see these dashing young lads and lasses of Harry Potter now, you will, wow a decade has passed, and it feels like yesterday. When the first Harry Potter movie came out, roughly 75% of the cast was comprised

7 Zombie Transformations from the Living Dead to the Walking Dead!


Zombies have evolved from time to time with every mind numbingly gruesome names they have been entitled. From the living dead to Walkers & White-walkers, it’s no secret to the zombie fans that make-up artists have put their heart for

10 Real-Life Star Wars Locations.


In 1977, when the initial instalment of Star Wars came out, nobody thought it was going to be this great a success. The story is interesting. What’s more interesting are the behind the scenes location which are a crucial part

5 Interesting Things About The New Star Trek Series 2017!


CBS announced that the network will be bringing Star Trek series back to the television. Reminds you of good old days! Now with every major series making a turnabout to a sci-fi hungry public, CBS’s decision to start a full …

12 Powerful Actresses – Ready To Be The Next “Doctor Who”


Have you ever thought why The Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’ has always been male all through these Seasons? If you had, have you ever considered what female actors would make the cut to be the next Doctor? Well, we have