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9 Alluring Joanie Brosas Star Wars Cosplay Will Ignite Your Day :)


Joanie Brosas is one of the most beautiful ladies in the Cosplay world. She has enormous talent, a beautiful face, perfect smile, and a well-chiselled body to die for, and when you ask someone with these vital stats to perform

6 Reasons 2016 Will DESTROY Superhero Movie Universe For Good.


Comic book films are here to stay, that’s for sure. With that said, it’s a great opportunity to go on record and say that 2016 will be a really noteworthy year for comic book film boom. It’s hard to believe, …

X-Files Cast Before They Were Famous!


The X-files is back with a Bang, and people are getting nuts about it. If we look at the ratings, its likely that X-files will get atleast 3 more season ordered by the end of this one. If you are …

8 Wondrous Images Of Dr Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden) From Star Trek TNG!


1. The Good Old Days Of Paper Backgrouds



2. When Two Timelines Merged


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8 Rare Pictures Of Young Gillian Anderson From X-Files!


If you love X-files, it’s a no secret that you adore Gillian Anderson, I mean, who doesn’t like that lady? She is smart, cute, beautiful, mature, and most importantly a loyal friend. What else you need in a woman? That’s …

20 Real Cut-Outs from Old Comics Show The Dirty Side Of Famous Superheroes….


Old comics started the empire of the Comic books; they are pioneers of a franchise that’s directly impacting both young and old generation in so many ways in today’s world. However, you can’t deny the fact that these early comics …

3 Questions Every Walking Dead Fans Wants an Answer For!


The Walking dead’s power lies in its characters and the fantastic emotional dynamics between them. The post-apocalyptic world and the zombies are just the outer cover of this meticulously detailed TV show, the main gist is the drama. After the …

This Is What Happens When Doctor Who Look-Alikes Start Doing Cosplay….!


Doctor Who is a cultural phenomenon in the UK. Its fan base eat, love, and pray Doctor Who back, however, you won’t find the same kind of following in America, even though it’s one first mainstream sci-fi shows on television. …

7 Things That Could Make Rogue One of The Most Awesome Star Wars Movie…


That film is Star Wars: Rogue One, a “heist” film that will rotate around a gang of Rebel troopers. They are tasked with taking the blueprints of the Empire’s planet destroyingDeathstar. The cast of characters are all new.Seewho’s in it: …

5 Pictures Of Dark-Side Leia Will Drive Your Crazy For Her.


We love Cosplay because it has the power to explore different angles of a Character, where our imagination reaches but we never see any physical embodiment of those ideas. Cosplay help us see those ideas come to real life.Dominique Skye, …