Probable Contenders for 13th Visual Effects Society Awards ( VES )


Visual Effects Society is honorary body formed by Vfx Artist around the globe. It’s Considered as the most Prestigious Awards for Visual Effects by Visual Effects Artist to Visual Effects Artist.

Half of the year is gone past leaving us with some visually spectacular motion pictures. Here is an attempt to shortlist strong Contenders for VES awards 2014-15. These are predictions, eventually we have to wait till official announcement by Visual Effects Society. Here is a list of top 10 contenders for VES awards 2015.

We are breaking down this article in 2 parts, this is the first part of the articles

Contenders For Outstanding Visual Effects in a Visual Effects-Driven Feature Motion Picture

> Transformers: Age of Extinction

The creation of the 3d robot model with hard surfaces would easier to create to most of the VFX artists then soft organic surfaces (skin, hair, fur) and yes it is an easier job comparatively, but there is a catch here;  if you have to deal with 3d robot “models” not “model” with thousands of pieces and Transformation between  robot and car model, things get highly complex even much more than modeling and animating organic surfaces. That’s why Transformers 4 is ruling the charts for best vfx and we have to give two thumbs up for Scott Farrar (vfx supervisor), Scott Benza (animation supervisor) and the whole team of Industrial Light & Magic (ILM). They have used state-of-the-art technologies like Block party 2 for complex rigging package from ILM,  Simulcam System for viewing 3d object match moved live on camera, advanced volumetric effects for creating the stellar effects in the movie. Most of the fight scenes in the movie have been shot in the broad day light and that requires huge money in the bank, efforts and balls of the iron, well Michael Bay had all that line up neatly.


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