Part 2 – Probable Contenders for 13th Visual Effects Society Awards ( VES )

Visual effects society awards
Visual effects society awards

As promised we are back again with the second part of our list. We hope you guys like it and here it rolls down :-

> THE HOBBIT: Battle of the five armies

Director Peter Jackson confirms that this movie will be the last of the Hobbit trilogy and surely the director and Weta digital vfx team would love to end it with a bang. Weta digital vfx supervisor has already given hints about the importance of computer generated character  Smaug the fire spitting dragon, and trust me people Smaug has got some serious fan following in the VFX community. Smaug is a dragon and is equipped with complex fire simulations and is a pain in the ass to achieve in the virtual world. The hobbit series is a spin-off from the successful series “Lord of the rings”, which has already grabbed hell lot of titles in previous VES awards.



Now here is the basic plot that we got to know about interstellar, all the resources of Earth are depleted and the end of the world  is at bay. Humanity with discovery of “Black holes”( worm holes) decides to travel to intergalactic space for survival. As we all know that, Nolan is known for his practical thinking and has strong penchant for making his stories seem exceptionally real and for that he makes his actors do original stunts but with a tincture of smartly embedded VFX on those scenes. This gives his visual effects team a chance to create something novel and critical. He has been challenging and pushing the envelope of reality into a fantasy for all his movies, and he has made some iconic films like Momento, Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception etc. Nolan uses his typical choice in VFX, this time again it should be Double Negative Studio with VFX Supervisor Paul Franklin and  I don’t think the VFX team of Interstellar will leave this opportunity to set another milestone in Hollywood. This movie will surely have its spot in the VES nomination according to my predictions.



Bryan Singer’s X-Men Days of Future Past was a successful film at the box office. With his return to X-Men Franchise brought a lot of Visual effects houses to work on his movie. VFX supervisor Richard Stammers explains that they had to face many challenges,whether it be Slow Mo /Freeze frame sequence of Quick silver (they used super high speed phantom cameras at 3200 frames/sec), or the designing of Future and Past addition of the sentinels with scale animation. Sentinels itself were made of 100,835 blades and 1019 moving part with Mystique like ability to flip there scales to transform into meta creatures.

MPC, one of many vfx studios involved in production of Vfx for X-men referenced NASA footage for creating Sunspot’s animations. The  Movie was a blend of almost all techniques used for Visual Effects and they have executed them extremely well, the design of hand animated face parts of Sentinel along with other effects in movie may attract VES awards jury members.


> The Amazing Spider-Man-2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has some complex physics simulation for Spider mans swinging scenes, character design and creation of electro and his  de-materialization sequence in climax simulated electricity and gas effects, creating Time Square in CG with a lot of great compositing and texture painting work. The vfx team used Digital Molecular Matter or DMM (from Pixelux) for destruction scenes. DMM gave the sense of pieces breaking apart under the pressure applied by the given force. Amazing spider man 2 has a lot of complex vfx scenes with Electro, they might have chances at 13th Visual Effects Society Awards.


> Guardians of the Galaxy

The Marvel’s Intergalactic sci-fi movie Guardians of the Galaxy, Directed by of Super (crime comedy) (2010) James Gunn is the biggest non-holiday hit of 2014 . Over the years Marvel Comics  has done a marvelous work of converting their comic book superhero legacy to cinematic excellence and this movie is no exception. With its exceptionally cool complex visual effects, this movie is being compared to the legendary Star Wars. MPC VFX Supervisor Nicolas Aithadi (academy nominee for Harry potter movies) says they have done everything to keep up with the expectation of the comic book audience, be it character animation of the Rocket Raccoon or the spectacular inter galactic imagery. This movie is going to give tough competition to the other VFX Driven movies on the VES Podium.

Guardians of the Galaxy


Tom Cruise , Emily Blunt starrer Sci-Fi action thriller is another contender for Visual Effects Society Awards. With VFX artists and studios like Sony Pictures Image works VFX Supervisor Daniel Kramer, MPC VFX Supervisor Matt Middleton, Cinesite VFX Supervisor  Simon Stanley-Clamp, Rodeo FX VFX Supervisor  Matthew Rouleau, Nvizible VFX Supervisor Matt Kasmir (for stereoscopic work), The Third Floor (pre-visualisation), the aliens and the post-apocalyptic futuristic world of Edge of tomorrow came into being. The movie has complicated giant octopus like alien creatures named Mimics, the VFX team had to develop a plug-in inside Maya to animate and to lend more control to moving tentacles of these deadly and speedy aliens. The plug in was named “sptentacle”. VFX team had to create digital doubles of tom cruise and his Exo-skeletal suit and to attain this the technical team did full body scans and utilized FACS for scanning faces. They also used DMM API and Houdini for javelin flying in air scenes. Lots of complex fluid sims were done in both Maya fluids as well as Houdini’s fluid systems. Imagework’s Indian branch dealt with complex Rotoscopes.


Our list comes to an end with “Edge of Tomorrow”, we apologize sincerely if we had missed any of the promising movies but this was selected by our panel with the through research based upon the personal opinion of the panel. I hope this was informative for you guys and thanks for reading it out. Let us know, what you guys think about the VES awards of this year and who else can slip in this list in the comments below.