Top 10 Most Dangerous Sith Lords In The History Of Star Wars!

8. Darth Malgus

If at any time there were a Vader before Vader, Malgus would fit that part to a tee. A conceived pioneer, Malgus was a proficient general amid the Great Galactic War who alongside his lord, drove the recapturing of the Sith home world Korriban from the Republic. His masterstroke came in an exceptionally Vader-esque form and pushed the Jedi to the brink of collapse. Under the pretence of a peace summit, Malgus and his Sith force lead an invasion onto the capital universe of Coruscant and sacked the Jedi temple. Utilizing his tremendous Force powers and lightsaber abilities, Malgus by and by slew scores of Knights and Masters and completely crushed the Order and in addition the Temple itself, leaving it a ruin with half of the High Council killed.

After the supposed death of the Sith Emperor Valkorion, Malgus approached to claim himself the new Emperor. He in the long run was tracked down to his mystery base and crushed, just to be caught in carbonite and displayed to the very much and still alive Valkorion as a trophy.


7. Darth Nihilus

Nihilus was another third of the really popular Sith Triumvirate and effortlessly the most capable. Made as an immediate consequence of the Republic’s war with the Mandalorians and in reality the activities of Jedi Exile MeetraSurik wrecking Malachor V, Nihilus turned into ‘a wound in the Force’ itself.

Nihilus named himself with the moniker The Lord of Hunger. Having an extraordinary and voracious yearning to expand Force life vitality, he could actually tear the Force far from any living thing and entire planets themselves to add to his energy. He was basically an intense soul, bound to his armour and mask. Another extraordinary quality was that unlike most Sith Lords, he didn’t believe in promoting the objectives of the Sith. Death was his sole objective and the he held the Jedi responsible for all the torment and anguish from his misfortune amid the Mandalorian War.

He started the First Jedi Purge. However, he was vanquished by the Meetra Surik who accidentally prompted his creation and his soul bound to the Sith universe of Korriban after his mask and armour were buried over there.


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