Top 10 Most Dangerous Sith Lords In The History Of Star Wars!


This article focuses on the eternal enemies and adversaries of the Jedi, the Sith. This rundown will feature the ten “best” and most prominent Sith ever. These Sith have been judged on a few parameters like; Force /power, Lightsaber ability, Deeds/actions, Knowledge/astuteness and Additional abilities. It’s an awesome list; take my word for it….

10. Darth Sion

Out of 33% of the renowned Sith Triumvirate that drove the remnants of Revan’s Sith Empire, Sion was an entirely special being. Conceived with an intolerable susceptibility to torment and sickness, he figured out how to transform it into hatred for his own power as a Force-user.

Sion looked for fights with the Jedi in a vain endeavour to end his life and his torment. When he found an adversary fit for killing him, the exact inverse happened. His anger grew because of such anguishing torment and he rose from death to slaughter his future killer.

With this force, Darth Sion could accomplish a type of immortality that made him among one of the definitive perversions of the Dark Side. Regardless of what number of wounds he endured or times he was struck down, he could will himself alive again through the agony and scorn he had inside him. He turned into a mobile rotting cadaver of a man, held together exclusively by the exceptional dark energies running inside him. Such was his energy that both Jedi and Sith looked upon him with apprehension, repugnance and wonderment.

Subsequent to turning on his lord, Darth Traya, Sion was persuaded by the Jedi Exile Meetra Surik to relinquish the hatred keeping him cobbled together and acknowledge death in its absolution.


9. Lumiya

The Dark Lady of the Sith, the lady in the past known as Shira Brie was an Imperial Double agent, Emperor’s hand and consequent mantle carrier to the legacy of the Sith after the demise’s of Palpatine and Vader amid the clash of Endor. Brie was an outstanding pilot and spy, serving Vader with awesome steadfastness throughout the years. Lumiya was a guile warrior and highly perceptive. Never having the crude Force like numerous others on this rundown, she was a flawless expert of the unobtrusive expressions. Her weapon was not the conventional lightsaber but the uncommon, and extraordinarily difficult to master Lightwhip. With it, she could nullify the benefits of the conventional lightsaber battle and keep adversaries reeling.

Her most noteworthy achievement was controlling and enticing Han and Leia’s child Jacen Solo to the Dark Side of the Force, while working resolutely behind the shadows to bring war yet again to the New Republic which she stunningly coordinated through Jacen. She would finally meet her end by Luke after he was erroneously was convinced that she had executed his wife Mara.


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