Top 3 Special Effects School

Special Effects School
Special Effects School

Special effect is life of any horror or sci-fi movies. It has been in use from ages. Gigantic movies like star wars and Jurassic park came into the life only with the assistance of special effects. Movies have been enticing and absorbing us to the mesmerizing world that has been carefully woven with visual effects. Makeup and special effects have been an integral part of the whole process of movie making. We are going to list down the best special effects school from America and greater Asia region. Here are the names of the schools:-

> Cinema Makeup School

Cinema makeup school is based out of the Los Angeles. It has been specifically established for the purpose of Special effects and it has some great faculties who have humongous hands-on experience for many movies. They have international presences at many places across the globe including the destinations like Bangkok. This is the URL for their website, that has sufficient data about this special effects school.

Cinema Makeup school


> Sheridan School of Arts

Sheridan School of Arts is one of the oldest and prestigious art schools that have already made a leading name in the education division. Sheridan has a compelling special effects division that has state-of-the-art faculty members and latest technologies to immerse the young brains with knowledge of special effects. We can’t call this arts college as special effects school because it has a division dedicated to the subject of special effect but due to strong funding and powerful name in the education industry, it’s no less than a full blown special effects school. Sheridan has wide range of course and one can get in depth information about their offerings from their website :-



> Douglas education center

This is another special effects and makeup only special effects school that has done some splendid jobs in many acclaimed Hollywood movies. This institute runs under the watch of Tom Savini, who has done some terrific gigs for numerous horror and sci-fi movies. More information about Douglas Education center, special effects school division can be achieved from their websites


So, that was our list top special effects school that will be highly essential for the new folks who are looking for a career in the field of special effects. Hopefully, it was useful for our readers. Let us know if we need to add or improve anything on this list so that the people seeking this knowledge can get exactly what they are looking for.