Top 6 Doctor Who Movie Spin-Offs That Don’t Feature The Doctor.

4. Probe: The Zero Imperative (1994)

The first in the progressing P.R.O.B.E series which is based on the Preternatural Research Bureau. This is an organization which explores supernatural activities. The film revolves around a previous UNIT officer and companion to the third Doctor, Liz Shaw, and her assistant, Bayliss. They examine a progression of strange homicides committed near a soon to be closed down psychiatric hospital. When the doctor’s facility is startlingly reprieved by rich Industrialist, Peter Russell, events appear to move out of Liz’s control. Is the director of the hospital and his forerunner harboring the murderer? What is the hundreds of years old horror covered up in the grounds? What’s more, what precisely is the secret behind Room Zero?

This spin-off gives quite a lot for Doctor Who fans to appreciate. As it is, it has incorporated past Doctors John Pertwee (Third Doctor), Colin Baker (Sixth Doctor) and Sylvester McCoy (Seventh Doctor). Furthermore, each actor also plays a Doctor at the previously mentioned hospital. However, you might be disillusioned to hear that none of these Doctors are time masters yet duplicate medical professionals!


3. Auton (1997)

This next title was made as a spin-off of the Season 7 storyline of the third Doctor “Spearhead from Space”, which included the first appearance of main Auton species and the Nestene Consciousness they expanded from. At a top mystery UNIT office referred to as “The Warehouse”, Dr Sally Arnold has been researching a Nestene energy unit without any outcomes. She subjects the artifact to infinite signs from UNIT’s most effective deep space scanning satellite, bringing on a fierce energy discharge that kills her associate, Janice. Accordingly, a containment group was dispatched to the warehouse, led by a psychic UNIT agent Lockwood. He has the ability to get all data from any PC mainframe on the planet with his brain. They soon discover that the Nestene energy unit has gone up against a versatile structure and they should stop it at any cost.

The film frequently refers to the first series, particularly the story it serves as a continuation for, including utilizing The Doctor’s UHF transmitter used to battle the Autons in the TV show. Nevertheless, because of copyright reasons, the film alludes to the device as “Dr. John Smiths UHF transmitter.” Nicholas Courtney, otherwise known as The Brigadier, was set to be the focal character of the film. However, he had to drop out at last because of health issues and the character of Lockwood was made to replace the Brigadier.


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