Top Fluid dynamics simulation plugin


The creation of fluid  has been tagged to be the most difficult animation to create in any 3D program. Fluid dynamics is highly complex to animate by hand and that’s where fluid simulation plugin come into play. Below mentioned are top 6 champion fluid simulation plugin of the visual effects industry:-

> Krakatoa:

It is volumetric particle tool kit with 64bit and multithreading support. The particle toolkit can handle millions of particle with being less exhaustive on system resources. Shadow interactions are complex which adds to the realism. Volumetric shader does charm for the plugin. Along with creation of the fluid masses like ocean surfaces, splash, water streams etc, it can also be used to simulate volumetric smoke, fire, dust and foam.

Compatibility – 3dsmax, Maya, Cinema4d, it also packs its own standalone version.

Available Versions – Krakatoa mx2 (3ds max particle renderer)

Krakatoa my 2 (maya particle renderer)

Krakatoa c4d (cinema4d particle renderer)

Krakatoa sr2 (standalone particle renderer)


> Real Flow

This is another plugin capable of creating realistic water, oceans and other fluids. Real Flow has got wide user base with a lot of forums and tutorials. It is one of the most popular fluid simulation plugin. Moreover, this plugin is integrated nicely with industries top 3d programs, the only problem is if you want more complex outlook and animation, you might end up with lengthy render times.

Compatibility – Cinema 4d, 3Dsmax, Softimage, Houdini, Lightwave.

Real Flow

> FumeFx

 This plugin is mainly developed for volumetric Smoke and Fire but it is capable of generating fluid like physics to fire, best suited for generating molten lava and avalanches. With Features like Effectors (control over physics), Render Warps, N-sims and Gpu accelerated preview window adds ease of use along with complex results. It’s compatible with 3d studio max and Maya.

fume fx

> AfterBurn

After burn along with fluid dynamics this simulation plugin is also used for explosion, Fire, Dense dust, volumetric explosions. After Burn can easily simulate water animation with almost every parameter adjustable to meet most of the complex project demands.

After burn

> Phoenix FD

 It’s the best fluid dynamics plugin. It takes tremendously less time for rendering and comparatively less intensive on the processor than other plugins of the same cadre. It gives the animators much control over the fine details  and lets them tweak most of the parameters up to their satisfaction. Again, this plugin is also used for Simulating fire, smoke and explosions.


> Houdini Ocean tool kit (Hot4max)

It is a modifier plugin simulating ocean wave. It is a  great plug-in and its GUI is easy to used. It goes superbly well with 3DS Max.



We hope this was a quick and helpful read for you guys. Let us know in the comments below, what do you guys think about this list?