Best Visual Effects Schools in India

With Krish and Ra-One scoring a punch on the Indian cinematic screens, there has been a boom of movies filled with Visual Effects and Animation. Hence, the necessity for the high quality VFX has become an integral part of the Indian movie making Industry. Indian animation portfolio is currently weak though, when compared to the other developed nations. Most of our animators and India based animation companies are doing Rotoscopy and Matte painting for the outsourced projects from Hollywood as 2nd or maybe 3rd parties and that might be a good thing considering our current needs of employment but from overall scale, there is nothing much novel is being done here. However, you have to look at the brighter side of the picture because we are currently like a budding flower in this field but we have some really promising indigenous artists that are creating spectacular never been used creative VFX footage’s and believe us, they are blooming at a high pace now. We have few visual effects schools in India that are doing exceptional job in opening up the floor of animation for the younger generation and the seniors. We are going to sort out a list of top visual effects schools in India so that you can have the boot that suit your feet :-

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