10 Latest Revelation By Bryan Fuller about Star trek 2017 T.V. Show!


Finally we’ve got word on the new Star Trek television series, which is to be aired in January 2017. Production hits the floors this September and Bryan Fuller just let us in on ten major details about the show as he opened up to Collider at the recent Saturn Award.

1. Fuller’s reaction on being given the driver’s seat to the franchise.

Nothing intrigued him as much as being a writer for Star Trek and he describes the feeling as being surreal yet wonderful. This essentially led to him creating new adventures, characters and a whole new way of telling stories- something that you wouldn’t have been able to do on Star Trek. For this producer, it’s a dream come true indeed.

2. How far are they from completing the script for Season one?

Though the first six episodes are completely broken, if we’re using his exact words, the first story arch has been mapped out entirely. Next stage- Moving into teleplays.

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