10 Major Flaws In “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”


I absolutely was head over heels the film. Truly.However, it has more flawed plots than any film I’ve ever seen. Yup, that’s true too. Why can’t we simply concede that BB-8 is lovable, Finn is comical and Rey is a rebel? Seeing Han and Chewie again was wonderful, the effects were wonderful, KyloRen is interesting, and yet this movie is senseless. You ask how?
Listed here are 10flaws in The Force Awakens. A couple maybe piddling but most are really astonishing. Each one of them was completely pointless. Read it to believe it…

1. Han Solo Forgetting The Millennium

The crafty Han Solo forgets about his most prized ownership, the Millennium Falcon, for over twelve years! He has no clue where it is in the whole Galaxy. See, when you lose something in your home, that is terrible; when you lose something on your planet, you kiss it farewell yet pray for a supernatural occurrence; when you lose something in the whole Galaxy, you simply start focusing on your life. However, exactly a moment after Rey starts piloting the Millennium Falcon, Han watches out the window of his tanker and says, “Gracious, there it is.” That’s weird



2. Demolishing the Death Star

To blast the 120-km “Death Star” in Star Wars, the dissidents required minute plans for the base and a full-scale intrusion power. Additionally, it also required the abilities of the most effective Force-users in the cosmic system. To totally demolish the “Starkiller Base” in The Force Awakens, all that was needed was a janitor with no unique abilities, a couple of common handheld explosives, a few unexceptional troublesome X-wing blaster strikes, and that’s about it. It also helped that the Millennium Falcon could “fly low.”