10 Most Gawky Romances in Star Trek TNG!


If the stereotypical rituals of candlelight dinners, moonlit walks hand in hand, giant sized teddy bears or plain old heart shaped boxes of chocolates doesn’t exactly tug at your heartstrings on a date, then the crew of the Starship Enterprise and you aren’t so different after all. When you’re beaming alien diplomats and racing across galaxies at warp nine, space fairy tales are the least you’d expect. From Data’s failed attempts at programming emotions, Riker’s interplanetary liaisons, to the antics of Deanna Troi’s mother, it would appear that love of the 24th-century space isn’t half as advanced as its technology. This list is going to bring smiles to your faces fun to watch disastrous romantic liaisons in Star Trek The Next Generation. Enjoy.

1. “Haven” Season 1, Episode 10 (1987)

This episode finds the half Betazoid, Deanna Troi mortified over the fact that her mother sends over a talking silver plaque from Betazed announcing her daughter’s marriage to Wyatt Miller of the human species. Their rendezvous didn’t exactly send temperatures soaring, but did quite the opposite. Wyatt is transported to the mysterious woman of his dreams when a Tyrellian ship appears from nowhere leaving Deanne with her on again off again paramour Riker. 

Moment of epic gawkiness: The perplexity that ensues when Deanne and Riker decide to give that last fling a shot.

2. “The Dauphin” Season 2, Episode 10 (1989)

Wesley Crusher falls for alien princess Salia and how. In an attempt to woe her governess, Wesley rushes to the crew for advice. Yes, mistake number one. If Worf’s Klingon mating call, Data’s DNA compatibility analysis or Rikers starry poetry isn’t indicative of the crew’s epitome of blindness towards seduction, then who knows what is. Warnings about what this teen crush was hiding all along were thrust aside. Yes, mistake number two.

Moment of epic gawkiness: When Wesley finally musters up the courage to kiss Salia, she morphs into this, this, well, thing that could easily pass for a cross between Mothman and Bigfoot.


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