10 Pictures of Scarlett Witch – Elizabeth Olsen That Hypnotized Captain America!


The early reviews for the Captain America Civil War are out, and the whole critic universe is going gaga about this movie. There is hardly any review that falls on the negative end of the spectrum. This also means that it’s going to open up the old bruises that had started to heal up, yes, we are talking about the DC Vs Marvel fan battles!   However, this post is not about the butt-heart fans boys or snobbish critic universe, we are going to talk about the goddess named  Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Scarlett Witch in Marvel Cinematic Universe, the whole Captain America: Civil War’s lead cast was on red carpet at the European premiere, where Olsen blew everybody’s mind with her startling appearance! Even our law abiding gentleman Captain America couldn’t resist her good looks and got his eyes locked on her, these incredible pictures of Elizabeth Olsen have shaken up the internet, let’s have a look at some high-resolution photos of this unbeatable beauty:-




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