10 Scrapped Scenes From The Walking Dead You Must Watch!


Can we have “too Much” of The Walking Dead? I’d say a firm “No!” The show runners have a grand plan to get the show well into two digit figures provided the audience doesn’t get bored of it. It doesn’t seem it will with the way things are progressing.
Did you know that The Walking Dead has an extensive variety of scenes that were cut? Further, there are some really astounding shots that were totally excluded from the show.
Whether we talk of delightful kinships, or an old character returning as a zombie, there were some key minutes cast aside, and here’s a some of the best scenes that were done away with…

10. Philosophical Lori And Dale

Lori pulled in an entire swarm of disdain from the fans for valid reasons. We gave up on counting the number times she lost her own child! It’s not even as simple as they just got separated while shopping. After all, this is a ZOMBIE CATASTROPHE. If there was a ‘terrible mother of the year’ award, Lori would be a sure winner.
Here she faces Dale and he makes some great points about how humankind had another opportunity after the fall of civilisation and they’re almost messing it up. Humankind is more broken than any other time in recent past. However, Dale thought this was the perfect time for individuals to assemble together as one. It’s a kind of level headed, sensible, hopeful rationale that saw Dale pulled apart shortly thereafter.


9. Carol Shows Daryl In His Place

Fans will keep on pushing the “Caryl” train until one of the two potential members is given a final goodbye. Daryl is indispensible to the show, with a gigantic fan base. He is the makers’ individual stamp on the story and one of the fundamental men, in spite of not being part of the comic source material.
He’s shown taking to Carl when Carol approaches. She goes up against Daryl, stands firm, and shows him his place. This is a period when both characters are developing: Carol from a helpless mother into the solid, solidified conniver we see today, and Daryl is experiencing the excursion from pariah to a genuine individual of the gang.