10 Solid Reasons Why The Walking Dead Is A Soap Opera!


AMC hit the jackpot when Robert Kirkmangave a nod to adapting his popular comic book, The Walking Dead. It’s not just one of the most appreciated shows ever;it additionally denotes a resurrection of the zombies. In spite of its prosperity, one can’t resist the urge to see the kind of storylines that the writerspen down. George Romero, who’s called the godfather of zombie films, calls TWD “a soap opera with a zombie here and there.”
In spite of being set in a zombie apocalypse, the show is essentially focused on a gang of survivors and their own dramatization. While that is not a terrible thing by any stretch of the imagination, the writers tend to take the circumstances a bit over the top. In six seasons, there have been love triangles, cartoonish reprobates, and characters brought back to life in absurd ways. These things were amusing to watch initially. However, they have ended up boring and predictable as the show has advanced.
Here’s why TWD is nothing short of a soap opera;


Daryl says few words. With hair covering the greater part of his face, he talks through long, enticing looks. His dazzling looks and strange back story make him fascinating to fans. It also makes them root each time he wields his crossbow. This fixation appears to have made him go beyond death. Why, there’s even a shirt expressing, “If Daryl bites the dust, we revolt.”
Despite the fact that he once in a while has a scene to himself, he is thought to be one of the show’s leaders. The majority of the TWD merchandise has him in it. Be it mugs, covers, and even two computer games! What’s more, if that wasn’t sufficient, the performing artist, Norman Reedus, will even be getting his own small reality show about bike society around mid-2016. Wow!



We’ve hollered at Carl to stay in the house, yet he hasn’t been as horrendous ever since hehit adolescence. In the wake of saving his father and surviving exclusively onpudding, he appears to have become less irritating. However, now there are two more youngsters to moan and shout at: Ron and Enid. Enid is a drifter who was brought into Alexandria after her guardians were murdered by walkers. She minds her own business and makes it agonizingly evident that she has something cover up. That “mystery” has made her snap at anybody who tries to talk her.
Ron is a hotshot, who doesn’t exactly understand that there is a zombie apocalypse and gets desirous at whatever point Carl solaces or saves Enid. This leads him to approaching Rick for lessons on how to shoot a firearm. That might prompt him inevitably using it on Carl. Who knows?


  1. This is stupid. “Soap opera – a TV drama series dealing with daily events in the lives of the same group of people” Um….that’s just about every drama on TV.
    Here’s my article: “10 Solid reasons The Walking Dead is like life:
    1) There’s a bad guy – well, we have prisons full so take your pick.
    2) Teenage anguish – Do you know a teenager? Enough said
    3) Romance – if you’re lucky you have some in your life
    4) Ethical person – I know a few. And like in the show they are usually the first to “die” because they are attacked because nobody likes to hear they are doing something wrong.
    5) Pregnancy – all the time and plenty of C-sections. Sadly some still die during childbirth and I’m sure plenty of their spouses have screamed “NO” when they found out.
    6) Life is sometimes boring.
    7) Love triangles – may not be as common but they exist. Personally I haven’t been in one since my teenage years so I guess for me that goes with #2
    8) Villains are cartoonish – Um….Donald Trump
    9) Surviving a life threatening tragedy – escape a house on fire? Survive a car wreck? Check local hospitals, I’m sure someone will have a story for you.
    10) People come in and out of our lives all the time. Whether it’s people we meet briefly at an event or know for a while – they move, they die, etc… life happens.
    And Talk to anyone with a cancer diagnosis – a lot of growth can happen before death.