10 Star Trek Actresses Who Have Also Acted In Skin-Flicks!


We are going, to be honest with you – If you are a Trek lover, you might find this alluring and informative or it could be totally cringeworthy for you. Whatever may be the consequence, you need to understand that this list is made solely for the purpose of sharing interesting Trivia for the fans and others alike. Yes, we are open to receive all the hate emails and comments from you. However, we know this post is something that all the open-minded real Trekkies will enjoy. Let’s start with our list of actress from Star Trek who have also acted in a Skin-flick :-

1. Alice Eve – Crossing Over

Played Carol Marcus in Star Trek: Into Darkness

2. Barbara Bouchet – Vertiges

Played Kelinda on Star Trek: The Original Series


  1. Leutenant ohura communications officer on the enterprise starred in a really hot movie that was banned
    Leutenant tasha yar star trek next gen
    1) a playboy Bunny girl
    2) got fired from star treck for doing something to do with sex i remeber the court case