10 Star Wars Villains That You’ve Never Heard Of Before.


Star Wars gloats of the most terrifying villains ever. There are villains that make Vader and the Emperor look like total weaklings. What’s more many fans haven’t heard about them. Here’s a list of some of the most alarming and horrific villains in Star Wars history.

1. Durge

Durge was one of the highlights of the Clone Wars cartoon. Actually no, we’re not talking about the hit CGI series. As it is, Durge really debuted in the very first animated Clone Wars cartoons that were made by Genndy Tartakovsky. He was the brain behind Dexter’s Laboratory and Samurai Jack. In that show, Durge is an intense military pioneer who utilizes droids on speeder bikes to tilt Republic vehicles with spears bound with force. He finally met Obi-Wan Kenobi, and stood his ground until the veteran Jedi wounded the villain in what appeared to be his heart. Durge chuckled and recharged his assault, so Kenobi cut him down the middle and left him to die. Durge re-framed his body and assaulted Kenobi later amid a fight in which clones blasted his armour. He burst out of it and sucked Obi-Wan Kenobi into himself. Be that as it may, the Jedi burst out of Durge and apparently killed him.
Obviously, he wasn’t actually dead. He was well sufficiently well-known to be coordinated into the then-canonical Star Wars comics which fleshed out both a backstory for the creature. The comics clarified that he was two centuries old and had a great many years of experience in chasing down the Jedi, Mandalorians, and everything else.


2. Darth Revan

To video gaming Star Wars fans, Darth Revan is one of the best villain, as well as one of the franchise’s most prominent heroes. He filled in as the ostensible villain of the principal Knights of the Old Republic game. In this, the player controls a talented Force adept with memory issues who’s spooked by nightmares of Darth Revan. These visions come from his Force association with Bastila, a Jedi Padawan who vanquished Revan. In a self-evident plot twist, things being what they are, your character really was Revan. Those respectable and decent Jedi wiped your brains and chose to utilize you as an instrument to battle Revan’s malicious former apprentice, Darth Malak.
In any case, what made him so frightening? Well, as it is, he and Malak began on a mission for hidden learning and power. They wound up uncovering a Star Forge. This was an exceptionally advanced bit of alien innovation that permitted him to develop a whole Sith army. Essentially, one reprobate and his sidekick wound up being a risk to the whole galaxy. On being compared with lapdogs like Darth Vader, that is really damn noteworthy.

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