12 Captivating Shots Of Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) Will Invoke “Jabba The Hutt” In You!


Felicity Jones gave us a breath-taking performance in Star Wars: Rogue One and she is possibly the new Bad-Ass character that the fans are going to revere like a goddess for many decades to come. Nobody is sure if we will ever see Jyn Erso back in some addition of the Star Wars going ahead, but we all want more of her. No matter what role Felicity is going to play in the future, she will always be Jyn Erso for the Star Wars lovers. Jyn depicted a tough, rugged, determined and a desirable woman throughout her run in Rogue One, but there is a hidden stylish, alluring and tempting side of Felicity Jones that most of us have missed in the Rogue One. That’s where this post comes into the picture, here is the compilation of the most mind-boggling snaps of Felicity Jones that will make you fall in Jyn Erso once again, cherish!




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